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          Click to see FAQs on the coronavirus (COVID-19) and related shipments.

          Temporary Shipping Cost Adjustments


          Temporary Service adjustments for DHL Express
          Time Definite International services arising from the
          COVID-19 pandemic situation as of 24 May 2020

                                                             Given the significant impacts of COVID-19 on the global aviation industry and in order to maintain reliable and high quality delivery services for their customers, DHL
                                                             Express introduced a temporary Emergency Situation Surcharge (ESS) in early May 24th.

                                                             So from May 15th, deepkinglabels.com has adjust a $2.1usd per kg subcharge on orders scheduled to be sent after May 23rd.

                                                             Order placed after May 14th, our system will calculate shipping charges based on new caculations automatically.

                                                             Order placed beofre May 14th, our sales team will contact related customers for related subcharges. 

                                                              For information about the DHL Express Emergency Situation Surcharge click here

                                                              For Frequently Asked Questions related to shipping with DHL Express during the COVID-19 pandemic situation click here


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